3 errors in interior decoration

By on October 21, 2011

You may have heard of how it should be interior decoration, but sometimes it is very enlightening to do the opposite: to list what should NOT do when decorating the house.

erros in interior decoration 3 errors in interior decoration

Here are 3 mistakes that seem very obvious, but sometimes that just fell, and in many cases are results of an original error: not think about the characteristics of the room. There are things seen in photos may look great, but it led to real life are unsustainable. To give you a clear example: in a huge room and sophisticated magazine, a wall in black can give a very interesting dramatic touch in a low light mini room is that everything you achieve is to feel depression.

1. Mixing too many colors and/or styles

If you like electric, first of all you must be careful not to cross the thin line that separates the colorful atmosphere of the circus. Contrasts like pink and green, or red and black, are a great idea, but in these cases, should not add more color to the room decor, even carried the bright colors.

Of course, this does not mean you have to go back to the eternal beige, gray and white. But unless you have very clear what you do, composited furniture lilac, with a red and a green sofa can be excessive.

The same in terms of styles, mixing it but always seeking a common theme is something that consistency to stay.

2. Abusing ornamentation

Basic error of sentimentalists and collectors, the ornaments are necessary to give life and personality to a room, but abusing them is synonymous with lack of style immediately.

If you are a collector, he or ideal is that you group your collection on a shelf, a part of the wall (if it is suspended) or look for a way to create consistency. And that is as if you collect Star Wars figurines, sculptures, and design or pointillist paintings. Spread the entire collection for a room is a big mistake.

But this does not mean to put all the ornaments well together, but it is preferable to leave some space around each item.

But above all, selected. No need to teach the 200 pictures of each child, grandchild or nephew, or you show every souvenir for each trip. Selected, renewed. This will serve two purposes: not clutter the room and occasionally introduce small changes in the decor to make you never get bored with your decor.

3. Forget lighting

A good lighting is essential to achieve the desired look in a room, but there does not come with light, also matters how.

In this sense, it’s time to forget the classic chandelier that created a uniform light, pale and forgot many corners of the room. The hanging lamps are ideal for the dining table or work area for the kitchen, but little else.

For the living room or bedroom, it is preferable to think through what are the darkest and the place where floor and wall lamps creative. In the reading area, desk lamp life is still the best option. And if you want to complete with overhead light, it is best to put several powerful spotlights.