5 minutes Pedicure

By on December 28, 2011

paintedtoenails 5 minutes Pedicure

Have you ever given a thought to how many beauty tricks you can do in five minutes?  Many there are too many things that you can do in five minutes. Even the things that take about 45 mins to an hour can be completed in 5 mins. Take pedicure for e.g., usually it takes about almost an hour to do a proper pedicure job but today I will tell you how you can complete this task in just a minute. You can do this once in a while but this trick will be more effective if you repeat it daily. It will do you real good. Hence in today’s Fashion section we will discuss how you can do pedicure in 5 minutes. Pedicure is a very vital part of our daily beauty regime and need not to be ignored.

Things you’ll need:

Warm water

Oil based scrub

Foot scrub

Base coat

Foot file


In the first minute: put your feet in the warm water and scrub it with oil based scrub and scrub your feet. Oil will moisturize your feet and scrub will exfoliate it and remove any dead cells.

In the second minute:  buff your nails with foot file and quickly shape them in round.

In the third minute: wash your feet and remove any excess oil from it. Pat dry it with a soft towel and wipe it thoroughly especially the area between your toes. Remove any nail polish from your toe nails with a nail polish remover. This will take roughly two minutes.

Hence we straight away come to fifth minute where we topcoat the nails with a base coat to make it look shiny.