A large industrial style loft decor

By on November 16, 2011

A house can be highlighted by the style chosen for the decoration by the architecture of the building, or by the personality of their interiors in luxury apartments the quality of materials and design define this feature. In this case we know a loft will wide which feature you this, combined with the aesthetics of Industrial Warehouses style, which makes it even more interesting.

industrial style loft A large industrial style loft decor

This loft with a large perimeter surrounded by windows, you become a bright, which developed professional their daily life activities and homeowners. Before becoming a loft, this was an old factory floor, which have been many elements preserved, so highlighting the industrial style in the interiors. The number of windows, with many scattered glass, allow this loft is flooded with light and this is ideal for daily life and to both work in offices are arranged in that different corners of the floor.

It have plenty of room, high ceilings, functional environments, decoration to design parts, and accessories industrial style such as large metal letters to decorate that workspace and vintage look. Exposed brick walls of, antique furniture that have been updated, the kitchen furniture and fittings with classic style, wooden floors are some of the items found in this spacious loft and that reflects the personality of STI inhabitants.

Wire baskets, recovered from an old fishing boat, are used as storage space in an office, furniture inherited author chairs, concrete floors, a metal stool, old traps, are some signs that this loft you have personality and this mixture of live that in perfect harmony. If you are interested in to find out more information about Industrial Units you can visit here.

Because the appearance of typical industrial loft, it is usually furnished in contemporary style, linear. It thus includes material from the clean lines and surfaces smooth and shiny. The contemporary decor is combined with materials such as wood, glass, chrome and stainless steel to create a really interesting look. The colors are often quite neutral tone on tone, but also animal prints are a great addition to a cool contemporary space.

To ensure an environment that is not too trivial, bold colors and bright can be introduced by adding a few details, but well chosen. Another reason that is appreciated contemporary furnishings is that there is no need to spend too much time or money trying too much furniture for the environment! Some colorful pillows and some geometrical or abstract the theme can add a touch of color and texture to a room.

The right form of lighting is particularly important in a loft. Pendant can be used to provide general illumination. It ‘a good solution for a mix of light sources from above and below, but you should avoid using too baroque lamps if your ceilings are too rough. The space in a loft is so vast that it requires, for example, very large mobile, As a great sofa leather and a big screen TV. Cracks in walls and ceilings should not be repaired because they add architectural interest.