A Wooden Apartment

By on January 11, 2012

Take a look at the G Seven home renovation by Fixonic in upper class Braemar Hill, at the south of North Point on the Hong Kong Island. This home is decorated with contemporary wood paneling to the interior spaces, with the grain flowing continuously between living areas, and cladding furniture such as the home office built in desks and storage bank.

wood dining room 665x438 A Wooden Apartment

modern dining room 665x449 A Wooden Apartment
wood living room 665x444 A Wooden Apartment
Too much wood effect can become overpowering, so the décor is broken up throughout with areas of plain white walls and elements of simple white furniture.


Wood panel study 665x460 A Wooden Apartment
wood home office 665x444 A Wooden Apartment
modern wood bed 665x444 A Wooden Apartment
The expanse of wood grain cleverly conceals storage nooks, and subtly extrudes to form a dresser and surround shelving in the bedroom. A modern platform bed is constructed with matching material, including room-width headboard and bedsides installation.
wood bedroom 665x444 A Wooden Apartment
modern hallway 665x470 A Wooden Apartment
contemprary wood kitchen 665x444 A Wooden Apartment
The kitchen sees a repetition of grey tiles and a paler floor that matches overhead cupboards, kept light to achieve an airier feeling in a heavily utilized space; however, the main body of the kitchen stays in-keeping with the wood tone seen throughout the rest of the home.
bathroom slate tile 665x453 A Wooden Apartment
The bathroom is decorated in stark contrast to the warm wood, with cool anthracite floor, slate feature tiles, and grey veined marble walls.
marble grey tile bathroom 665x968 A Wooden Apartment
anthracite tile 665x444 A Wooden Apartment
slate tile marble bathroom 665x450 A Wooden Apartment
Chrome fixtures and fittings, and clever recessed lighting keep this boxy home bright with a technological edge, though if there were one thing we would like to see more boxed in, it would be that white boiler on the black bathroom wall!