Angelina Jolie’s Hairstyles – Romantic, Sexy, Elegant

By on December 21, 2011

angelina jolie hair Angelina Jolies Hairstyles   Romantic, Sexy, Elegant

Angelina Jolie is a Hollywood superstar whose wealth and fame are known worldwide. Her beautifully shaped face and long, brunette locks make her one of the most well-known celebrities as she is recognized everywhere she goes. Angelina changes her hairstyle often, and her look can go from romantic to sexy to elegant in no time flat.

I think Angelina’s most romantic look is when she wears her hair down. Even though her hair is long, it never looks flat or limp. Her hair always seems full. When her hair is down, it is rarely straight. She has just enough curl to make her hair appear full of body and movement. The roots are lifted a bit to add extra volume, which really frames her face well.

Angelina knows how to pull off a very sexy look, in my opinion. Sometimes she wears her long locks up and away from her face. Since this look draws attention to her gorgeous lips, this look is very sensual on her. When she wears her hair up on her head, she usually leaves a couple of loose locks on either side of her face. These wisps of hair falling to the sides keep her overall look from being too formal or stiff. Her sexy hair looks almost effortless.

Sometimes Angelina goes for elegance. I think that one of her most elegant looks is when she wears bangs that are swept to one side of her face. In some pictures I have seen of her, her long locks look luscious with big curls and her bangs are arranged perfectly to the side so that her face seems to be popping out even more than usual. This accentuates her facial features. In other photos, her hair is pulled up on top of her head, which leaves her bangs to be elegantly styled to the side. While Angelina doesn’t always wear bangs, her more glamorous looks seem to feature them.

Angelina Jolie hairstyle2 Angelina Jolies Hairstyles   Romantic, Sexy, Elegant

Another way Angelina creates sexy, elegant looks is through her choice of hair color. Currently, her brunette locks seem to have dark highlights that play up her skin tone. While she does use hair color to go darker or lighter at times, the particular shade of dark brown she is currently wearing seems perfect for the hairstyles she chooses. I think Angelina’s long hair length and styles are enviable because so many women try to copy them.