Anti Aging Makeup Tips

By on December 6, 2011

 Anti Aging Makeup Tips

The votes are in and counted, and there was not even one vote for makeup that makes you look older. Every woman wants to look younger and most will do anything in her power to reclaim, regain and maintain her youthful appearance.

One of the best anti aging makeup products is the concealers. Line smoothing concealers actually plump up the lines around the eye area, making the skin appear smoother and less lined.

Anti aging foundations have been around for a long time but consider using a blush or eye shadow that actually improves the quality of your skin. Lips like other parts of a woman’s face show the signs of aging by thinning. Lipstick with anti aging properties that keep lips supple and smooth is a very hot product that is worth the investment.

It’s seldom we are called on to upgrade our lipstick but anti aging skin care treatment for your lips is like saying eat your vegetables.

Anti Aging Makeup Tips:

·     You are never too young to protect your skin and women should consider using an anti aging foundation from mid to late twenties. After all you don’t ever want to look old, even when you are.

·     Anti aging makeup tends to be a little more emollient to address dryness. If you have oily skin, don’t use the anti aging makeup in the t-zone area. That is the forehead, nose and chin areas and don’t forget to powder.

·     Use a pressed powder during the day to address any shine

Skin care treatment in your makeup will enhance the action of your skin care products. Usually when it comes to anti aging makeup, a lot will depend on the skin type. Women with oily skin don’t usually want to use makeup with a cream base. Women with dry skin want something nice and creamy.

Foundations with anti aging skin care ingredients generally cater to the type of skin a woman has, so a woman who has dry skin won’t receive a recommendation of a water based foundation with anti again skin care.