Avoid harmful fashion

By on December 28, 2011

harrmful fashion Avoid harmful fashion

Accessories such as shoes, purse and earrings are always meant to enhance our looks. Keeping in with latest fashion helps us look hip and trendy. But there are times when the same fashion can result in severe injuries, pain and disaster at times. Here is some harmful fashion, make sure you avoid it.

High heels: High heels affect your back bone directly and at a later stage you will find yourself facing various health problems, like back ache, painful toes not to mention a twisted ankle too if you are in a great hurry and happen to trip over something.

Platform shoes: Avoid wearing such shoes on a regular basis. They shape the foot into a spiked heel position. You were them to work for a few days and will never be able to put back your feet into heels again.

Hefty purse: Hefty purse is in, no wonder it gives you a glamorous look plus it’s very useful and can help you keep many things in your purse at the same time, but try not to over do it because it may result in a back injury. Go for a little smaller one and keep only useful things in your purse.

Large and Heavy hoops: Earrings is one of the most essential accessory while going out. It adds an extra zing to our look if it goes well with our outfit and makeup. But the same thing can cause a bit of a damage if we don’t keep in view its weight. Sometimes it sags our earlobes making it look disproportionate and if we or someone else accidentally pull it down then it may result in a cut and bleeding too. So the idea here is to wear light chic earrings that are not very heavy or big.