Beauty of Kajal

By on September 10, 2011

Kajal, the charm and lure of those feminine eyes! What makes it so alluring and breathtaking for men! Those deep kohl-laden eyeswhen blink coquettishly with shine and happiness can kill any men with their smoldering mystery and irresistible lure.

Kajal, the most favorite cosmetic of every young girl out there, defines the shape of eyes and makes them so prominent and charming that even the entire facial makeup can’t make that effect, which a simple line of kajal can do!

Be it the lively grounds of university or the boring office room, kajal-laden eyes are everywhere with their simple yet killing appeal. Its trend has been coming from the ancient ages, when Egyptian queens used a simple metal stick to apply kajal to their eyes. However, today, kajal has become more refined and easy to use. It comes in myriads of handy designs and colors to cater to the fashion needs of young girls.

Black kajal is timeless and will always remain in latest fashion. However, with the evolution in fashion and aesthetics, grey, mid-night blue and dark green colored Kajal pencils are also enjoying the spotlight due to their eccentric appeal.

Black kajal is dramatic and timeless, you can use it anytime and anywhere and it will make those eyes irresistibly mysterious. Grey adds a smoky effect to eyes and you can wear it on formal and casual parties with confidence and it will bring that spark in you. However, blue and green are naughty little flirts, where them once in a blue moon with your light summer lawn dress to bring about that mischievous spark in you for a day!