Beauty Secrets From Miranda Kerr

By on December 21, 2011

Miranda Kerr is an Australian model, one of Victoria’s Secret Angels, and a mom. Being married to Orlando Bloom, she carries with her what seems like an all-natural beauty. The fact of the matter is though, her beauty does require some upkeep. With certain tricks up her sleeves to keep her supermodel mystique maintained, she has shared several secrets to help her fans both feel and look better.

Mrs. Kerr has always been a believer in everything organic, so it should be no surprise that both food and cosmetics that she suggests are of the organic variety. When it comes to her upkeep, her top cosmetic products consists of: Kai Perfume Oil, Jurlique Rosewater Mist, Alkaitis Organic Treatment Oil, and Alkaitis Organic Cleanser.

After her pregnancy, the supermodel credited much of her beauty and coming back into shape to ‘Tahitian Noni Juice’, which is a drink that is made from the noni plant. This drink comes from the fruit of the Morindad citrifolia tree, which is located in Southeast Asia. The young beauty has been drinking the juice since she was 14. Added with this, she attributed much of her success after pregnancy to coconut oil, taking around four tablespoons a day either on foods (such as salads) or in green tea.

Other tips attributed to her beauty include a simple mist bottle, which keeps her skin moist and hydrated at all times, along with rose hip oil. If your curious as to what the oil is, it is a cream that is used to help treat eczema, age spots, burned skin, and wrinkles. As it is extracted from the seed of a berry-like fruit grown in the country of Chile, the oil itself should be refrigerated at all times and dotted sparingly around the eyes.

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The model further states that she combines a Blood Type diet with a dose of supplements. She eats high alkaline foods with very little meat, along with eating low GI. Iron supplements and liquid chlorophyll are further suggested by the supermodel.

When it comes to wardrobe, Miranda Kerr will use different styles of extravagant cocktail dresses with stilettos or just a variety of simple clothes, such as skinny jeans and tank tops. The model admits to always making sure of adding some form of color to the outfit, whether it be from extravagant jewelry or a pair of shoes.