Bedroom accessories decor

By on November 11, 2011

The bedroom is the most private room of the house and that is where we spend at least one third of the hours of a day. Decorating a bedroom may well be essential, both for our rest and to express our personality. The essential furniture in a bedroom: bed (single, double, or French) complete with mattress and network; a bedside to bedside; the wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe; the dresser drawers.

bedroom decor Bedroom accessories decor

Often a bedroom (if large enough) can be used as additional features: you can fit the TV cabinet or a wall with televisions and a sitting area with sofas and armchairs, a reading corner, complete with chair or lounge chair and reading lamp, shelves or more small library for favorite books, study and work a corner, a fitness area with gym equipment.

Natural light must come from a window usually placed behind or in front of the bed. With regard to artificial lighting, the main light source can consist of a chandelier hanging or by one or more uprights; in addition, each table or bed should have a night-light wall or countertop. In the bedroom, the classic white, even-toned cream or dirty white, is always good, especially if the furniture and / or the floor are made of wood or dark tones. Other colors that may be suitable for a bedroom is the so-called cold colors, soothing colors that stimulate the rest: green, blue, blue, purple (preferably combined with floors and furnishings in light shades).

In a bedroom, the protagonist of the room is just the bed, which must distance itself from both sides of at least 60 cm from the walls or highest point of opening the doors of a wardrobe, to allow a comfortable transition. Depending on how the bed is placed, then you choose how to fix the other elements: the wardrobe will occupy a free wall, at least 60 cm away from the bed if it is a wardrobe with sliding doors, at least a meter if it is a wardrobe with double doors, the dresser will occupy another portion of the wall, possibly not the same as the wardrobe and respecting the distances from the bed (a full length mirror can be placed in the door in the wall next to the cabinet or wardrobe). If instead there is the wardrobe closet, they must be easy and convenient access directly from the bedroom.