Bedrooms in blue

By on November 11, 2011

The bedroom should be the room where you spend a pleasant evening, which is why the color you choose for your decorations should be appropriate for you to rest and not to wake you up in its stridency.

blue bedrooms01 Bedrooms in blue

Although it is possible to find red and yellow colors that are very good, it’s best to bow to cool tones but they are very good with most areas, the blue and degradation. Stronger tones you draw on walls in low light while the dark will be placed near windows.

The modern taking momentum in recent seasons and the autumn the blue color seems to be indicated. The bedspreads and quilts in this vein are excellent complements the white and black, although other combination’s can not be underestimated.

The cold of hue is offset by warm colors in curtains and cushions, this without making a cut too strong in terms of decoration. In general, the environments are very similar colors and neutrals can not be missed.

blue bedrooms02 Bedrooms in blue

Even within the blue carpeted floor and can be present, are very good with touches of white and black in the inevitable as well. We’re talking about the tone or tone / winter so do not limit their use.

Its application often depends on the client’s taste but the contemporary styles also emphasize its use primarily as enhancers in the overall decor of the home, keep in mind this will make your space look like a professional designer.