Beds for children and youth

By on September 4, 2011

Necessary details to be taken into account, children’s beds and the benefit of a safe and enjoyable break. When waiting for the arrival of a child, the mother and her family are responsible for getting the elements necessary to receive the best possible way. A central concern is precisely where it goes to sleep, because everyone knows that a comfortable bed will contribute to the small sleep better.

children divan beds 588x441 Beds for children and youth

Beds for children in the first months of life:

There are many models of children’s beds to suit all tastes and needs. The first bed in most cases, bassinet because it is smaller than a crib and can be located in different parts of the house.

It is worth considering, if you choose this article, the following:

– That is an appropriate size for baby’s comfort, at least 75 inches long.
– If the classic wicker basket, you have to go inside lined with special padding to protect the baby. As for the exterior, there are many possibilities for decoration and can be purchased ready made or make the mother or grandmother industrious.
– It is essential, it is supported on a good base to sustain it, to avoid falls and is very convenient that this base has casters, because they facilitate the transfer.
– The mattress should be firm, not to sink.

Children’s beds and cribs after the first few months:

About five or six months of a child’s life depends on the size of the changes the bassinet by bed largest, called cradle and adapted to this age. There are different possibilities to choose from, variety of styles and colors, suitable for every budget.

This choice is conditioned on the number of children in the family and the space available at home. Anyway, it is important to buy a crib big enough so that the child is comfortable and can move at will.

The crib should have:

– Railings that can be raised or lowered, stable and safe for the child can not fall. The space between the bars can not exceed three inches, to prevent the boys stuck my head out there, and not less than six inches.
– A considerable height from the floor, suitable for small and comfortable for mom. This detail is subject to fashion in the manufacture of cribs, which responds to different points of view of design and commercial time.
– There are models of cribs, which allows adaptations and accompany the child’s growth and serve them up to six or seven years.
– The mattress should be firm, good quality and appropriate for that stage of life, which enables a good rest and child health care, avoiding bad posture, which would harm their growing bodies.
– In any model chosen, it is essential that the structure of the cradle is solid and made of good materials. The color and decoration, are secondary issues. It is important to have a good product, reasonably be used to enable seamless.

Youth Beds:

The furniture industry, called juvenile beds, which are used by older children and that often accompany them through adolescence. Meet the needs of each family, number of children, household size and economic possibilities.

When the family has several children and little space, bunk beds are frequently used, that are practical and useful but also problematic, which is good to know before you buy.

First, you should think about who they will use them, the brothers are arguing about where it is up to sleep, if up or down and it is advisable to agree, before acquiring the product and if possible, choose them. They should not be used by children under six years and they have to know that these beds are not places to fight, or play.

Then, it is essential to note that even solve the problems of space, can be dangerous. There are studies that show accidents that happen in the bed above, falls during sleep, horseplay and down the stairs, which can cause bumps and bruises from minor to severe.

Controls needed to make when purchasing this model bed:

Although there are security measures to be observed by manufacturers of these beds, it is good to know that it should be noted at the time of purchase, for comfort.

– It is recommended that a maximum height of 1.70 meters and the space between beds is not less than 90 centimeters.
– The ladder is preferably fixed beds are not recommended with moving stairs.
– The four sides of the top bunk should have guardrails, very firm, resistant to wear and strength. At a minimum should be 26 centimeters high.
– The mattress height should be related to the height of the guardrail and below the upper limit of this.
– The wing wall and the exposed edges must be rounded.
– It is important to frequently check the status of the safety rail and ladder.

Always a good rest, it is necessary for all and where children and young people, more so, will allow to be better prepared for the day, for the good of themselves and their parents.