Beds with tall posts at the corners

By on October 21, 2011

As in any part of the decor of your room, there are beds for all tastes and styles. And it is in each of the people who will decorate the room of the house to choose the kind of accessories you want to work here. So the beds also have different details that some may be what you were looking for, but others may be something that is not wanted in that space.

beds with tall posts at the corners Beds with tall posts at the corners

Some of these details are the columns or posts high on all four corners have some beds, but in others these parts are not much higher than the head of this unit. And often this kind of bed and left simply with wooden columns, or now even metal pipes, without putting anything on top, making it part of a more minimalist decor.

However, lovers of the decorations more elaborate and ornate, like these studs have fabrics, veils and other kinds of decorative elements that match the rest of the fabrics, colors and patterns found in other the decor of the bedroom. For what they think let alone columns is to leave the skeleton of what could be beautiful.

These beds can be of different sizes, from single to king size and the frame can be painted or stained wood and even metal. The beds with slats can be an interesting vertical element that adds a nice touch to the design that has your bedroom. And the columns usually have a decorative finish on the end that may be just a field or something a bit more of work.