Blow Drying Tips

By on December 4, 2011

 Blow Drying Tips

STEP 1 Towel-dry conditioned hair into the approximate style you
want to achieve.

STEP 2 Shape damp hair with hands, finger-combing through to the ends.

STEP 3 Begin drying by aiming hot air at the roots. Dry bottom layers first, directing the hair up (to speed drying and increase volume).

STEP 4 Move to the sides, aiming hot air towards hair growth (at the roots).

STEP 5 For top layer of hair, hold individual sections straight up to dry (to increase volume).

STEP 6 When hair is almost dry, finger-comb through hair, gently pulling top front section up.

STEP 7 Twist front of hair forward into small sections and apply low heat.

STEP 8 Let each section fall naturally to untwist

STEP 9 Curl top front layer of hair around the face and clip to hold.

STEP 10 Attach a nozzle to the dryer. Using a round brush, curl the ends under and dry small sections of hair at a time letting the nozzle follow the brush. Remove the front clip, brush this section of hair back and up and apply low heat to smooth.

STEP 11 Add styling gel to the ends and shape with hands, separating strands for volume and hold.

STEP 12 Shake head forward gently. Use lightweight spray to hold style if desired.