Breathing Technique

By on November 24, 2011

 Breathing Technique

Breathing Exercises For Women: Sometimes we do not breathe properly. There can be outside factors which can influence the way we breathe. Pollution, stress, lack of exercise and poor posture can contribute to poor breathing habits.

There are many benefits to proper breathing. Proper breathing contributes to healthy skin and reduces wrinkles. It is also a contributing factor to maintaining body temperature. Breathing also benefits the nervous system and cerebral oxygenation.

Other lesser known facts about the benefits of breathing are that it helps to break down food. It also helps control emotions associated with stress, anxiety and anger. Breathing is even makes a contribution to the body’s ability to break down and eliminate waste. It also helps control weight by using the extra supply of oxygen to help burn stored fat. Through the movement of the diaphragm during deep breathing exercises organs like the intestines, stomach, liver and pancreas are stimulated.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing as a relaxation technique helps balance emotions and become whole. The concept of beauty extends to this wholeness. Relaxation is a tool for achieving wellness. Your muscles and mind will begin to relax simultaneously.  Therefore, breathing relaxation techniques are included in beauty tips.

Here we are discussing breathing to help achieve relaxation. Using these techniques you will begin to feel balanced and thoughts will not be dominated by anxiety. It’s like taking a trip to your insides and letting peace dominate your being.

Breathing exercises are widely used by religious cultures such as Buddhists, Hindus and Shamans as a means to achieving self-knowledge and wellness. Stress is a factor which contributes to illness; so relaxation along with a balanced diet and exercise is ideal for maintaining good health. Practicing these techniques is not difficult and little by little it will become automatic. Soon the effects will be noticeable.

Breathing relaxation technique with green and blue is performed lying down. Stretch the legs out so that they are not strained, but relaxed; arms are at your sides. Feet are slightly slanted outward and eyes are closed. Breathe slowly.

Think about your breathing. Breathing is something that you can do without much effort. With each breath you are filled with calm and peace. Begin to think of and imagine the color green. Deep green, light green, and emerald green, continue to think of different shades of green. Think about green grass, trees, or green apples. Imagine a garden or field that is entirely green. Imagine you are in the grass and you can feel it between your toes.

Imagine you feel the sun and you can sense the scent of grass. Breathe in slowly, and then breathe out. You feel like as the air enters it rejuvenates you from within with new power. Now think of blue. Think about different shades of blue such as the blue sky, blue sea, and turquoise blue. Mentally visualize different shades of blue. Imagine you are diving into the sea where you can view thousands of shades of blue and other colors.

For this moment there is no stress. No phones ringing and no worries. Enjoy the view while breathing calmly and repeat releasing your concerns, “it’s not worth the trouble, now I let go. I am full of energy to go on.”