Bridal’s Room Decoration Ideas

By on May 14, 2011

Wedding room decoration is very exciting activity and people decorating the wedding room can show their love and affection to the wedding couple. Lots of aspects are to be considered while decorating wedding rooms like wedding bed, door, table, ceiling and floor decoration. Different materials can be used for wedding room decoration that may include curling ribbons, table centerpieces, flower bouquet, rose petals and some banners to welcome couple. Here are some useful ideas regarding wedding room decoration:

1). First of all start from door decoration of the wedding room. Make a beautiful banner and write some welcome note on one side of the banner and don’t disturb on the other side of the banner. Use rose petals to write welcome note or you can also use colorful lights to say welcome to the beloved wedding couple.
2). To decorate the table in the room, place some centerpiece on the table and spread fresh flower petals on the table. Place candles on all sides of thetable at equal distances.
3). In the wedding bed decoration, use flower bouquet and some beautiful candles. Select soft color bed cover and then write some best wishes for the couple using rose petals. Place floating candles on side tables of the bed.
4). To decorate the floor and add more romantic touch to the wedding room, lay carpet of red rose petals for the bride and groom. You can also leave some colorful balloons in the corners of the rooms and around the bed. Make a roadway of rose petals to walk on to the bed.
5). In ceiling decoration, hang crystal or fresh flower strips around the bed, if wedding is going to occur in summer season then place rose petals on flanges of the fan so that they may fall on the wedding couple when they put on the fan. This will add to the happiness and charm of that event.

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