Bronzer Tips

By on December 6, 2011

 Bronzer Tips

Since the truth about the damaging affects of the sun on your face is now widely known, bronzers have become a significant in the beauty arsenal. A good bronzer can work to provide overall warmth, eyeshadow or just blush.

Bronzers come in all shades. Some are more pink toned for fair skin ladies and other bronzer shades are for skin that is significantly tanned. Peach tone bronzers can also be an excellent choice for a lady with fair skin.

If you know that you are not going in the sun and will not get much darker then select a bronzer that meets your current needs. If you are planning a weekend in the sun and do not already have dark skin, use a medium bronzer. If you are already dark and are using a bronzer instead of a blush, go with the deepest shade bronzer.

Bronzer Application Tips

  • Buy a couple bronzers in different colors. You will find that on the forehead, chin and cheeks you will want to use your lighter bronzer.
  • Bronzers make great contouring powders. Use the dark bronzer just under the cheeks, chin and along the jaw line.
  • Apply just a little bronzer to the tips of your ears and the tip of your nose and chin.
  • Bronzers also make great eyeshadow shadow shades in a tight spot

Most bronzers make great colors for the eyelids. They do not take the place of eyeshadow but they can work as a base for any color when used with an eyeshadow primer. This means apply the eye shadow primer first, then the bronzer all over the eye lid just like an eyeshadow.

After the bronzer has been applied on the eye lid you can apply the eye pencil or liner and additional eyeshadow shades if desired. Bronzers work especially well when trying to achieve the “natural” look. For the “natural look” the bronzer is used just in the eye lid crease. That’s the space just under the eyebrow bone.