Build a lasting garden on your balcony or terrace

By on September 4, 2011

A green space beautifies the environment, creating a pleasant atmosphere, an atmosphere of relaxation and privacy. Consider limitations and possibilities. Time should be used to perform a task of observation and previous research. This work will allow choosing the most suitable plant species for the site. This will ensure the success of the enterprise. All year round you will find new reasons to wonder, and discover new possibilities, and be surrounded by nature always provides satisfaction.

gradina Build a lasting garden on your balcony or terrace

The approach of a rational and aesthetic will make the effort worthwhile. It is not accumulating plants just because they are pretty or were on offer. Visual clutter, crowding, poor provision or sectorization disproportionately hinder and will predispose to poor care necessary maintenance.

Awareness space:

With a pencil and paper and for a few days should be studied instead. Determine how much space in the balcony you can fill with plants, without thereby to impede the passage or other difficulties appear. This detail is important when selecting the size of the species and their distribution. It is also important to choose the right pots. The design must be functional in response to the vital needs of the residents.

The orientation and height determine the luminosity and the prevailing winds:

Note the orientation of the balcony, many hours of sunshine received, if in a direct, diffuse light only, or is a very dark area. Pay attention to the quality of wind, if they are loud or soft, cold or hot, wet or dry. This will define whether it is necessary to place a enclosure total or partial.

Each area has its particular climate and the height of the balcony will affect the amount of wind you get. We must also take into account the difference in temperature during the day and night and the seasons. Keep a complete record will select on the basis of plants fittest, and know where the balcony will do best. Nature provides a variety of species more adaptable to different situations.

Study the habits of the inhabitants:

If the balcony is used for resting, reading or listening to music, to enjoy a meal or snack with friends, take into account the need to reserve a space for chair or stool and a small table if you need it. If there are children or pets, book a room for them and place the pots or containers out of reach. Whether an area with hanging plants or by placing a separator. This will prevent breakage, dug from the earth, dirt and even injury.

Quantifying the time available:

It should be self-critical and reasonable in determining the time will be dedicated to this company. You might have an hour a day or one hour a week to care for your plants. Also consider how much time you are absent on holiday or the travel department. If you have chosen plants that require daily care and then there are those who can not attend, surely this will cause disappointment and discouragement. You have to think ahead if you will help or should be placed special irrigation systems for the green on the balcony did not die. Before you buy becomes aware of this limitation and how solve. There is the possibility of dry gardens.

Selection of pots or planters for the balcony:

ready have an idea of ​​the number of pots that can be placed and whether they will be fixed, mobile or pendants. It is advisable to be uniform in the material is purchased and preferably several sizes. This can create drops that are very striking.

They come in different materials, which retain more moisture or not, isolated from excessive cold or that resist direct sunlight. You can also decorate by hand. The size should be suitable for development of roots, and avoid transplants followed. The right choice will extend the life of the pot and have the plants well nourished, with a maintenance minimum.

The main purpose is to create a environment harmony between the inside and outside to be enjoyed by those living in the house. It is the intention to create conflicts for which we must be cautious. Do not exaggerate the problems and respond to the needs of plants and people respect the work and family structure. The balcony transmit sensations, images and colors that help to strengthen emotional and aesthetic, individual and collective who frequent the place.