Buy a house under construction

By on November 4, 2011

Buy a house under construction: a choice that seems convenient, but it can hide many problems. What are the benefits, but also the drawbacks? How to avoid scams and bad surprises? Unique and safe streets, perhaps there are none, but some advice may help.

Buying a house under construction: what does it mean?

You know those large pieces of land completely empty often seen scattered around the outskirts of cities or in provincial towns? These are obviously the preferred destinations and possible Manufacturers homes and condos. And the part when we see construction begin work, some machine, some walls, fences, and finally the orange temporary houses which welcome real estate agents, sales representatives of the apartments under construction.

house buy Buy a house under construction

In effect therefore, the purchase of a house under construction is a purchase on the card. Precisely because the houses are being built or are often only designed or even suggested. In these cases you can buy a “promise”Certainly designed and well described, so as to attract many people, but still a promise, which may vanish or run into various difficulties, and then not get the achievement.

The advantages of buying a house under construction:

Please note, buy a house under construction does not just mean buying a promise. It can mean many advantages for the buyer, especially if the construction is successful. The benefits could be:

* To agree on the adaptation of the apartment to their space needs, deciding together to be divided into rooms and to choose the finishing of floors, windows, plumbing, etc..

* Owning a house where Building Regulations, energy certification and standards of hygiene are already fulfilled, according to law.

* Not having to estimate costs for upgrading plants and to insulate.

* Not being required to make renovations for several years.

* Be protected for a long time on any manufacturing defect that emerge later and that would be charged to the manufacturer.

* In many cases get a discount on the price, especially if the purchase is a cooperative.

The risks and disadvantages of buying a house under construction:

As mentioned before, however, buy a house under construction can also present great risks and drawbacks:

* The sums paid until the completion of the house, may be at risk, especially if the manufacturer fails in the meantime.

* Often the delivery times are not respected, and in any case, since we put our eyes to the house where we live there, even if times were met, the years pass.

* In tax, a new house costs more than a used one.

* Homes, once built and over, could in practice be different from what was expected and one on which we had agreed, leading to additional costs or to a still not completely satisfy, as well as expectations: expect perhaps for several years, to see what was believed to soften some.