Centerpiece made from eggshells

By on March 27, 2013

 Centerpiece made from eggshells

Today we present this striking centerpiece made with eggshells for any time. Ideal for almost all kinds of events is a centerpiece that calls the view by its naturalness and simplicity. Not every day we see a centerpiece made with eggs or rather with eggshells. It is simple and most attractive! If you do it’s pretty easy. Just get some necessary items like eggs and candles.

The picture shows that have placed them as table runner but you can make them as best come to your decor. It might put them in a beautiful glassbase a circular or as a single detail for each diner. Although well located horizontally the truth is that is pretty good especially since the table is rectangular with the centerpiece seems longer.

If the table is a smaller round better in round or as we said before individually. Grab eggs and open them this day you can do something with them to eat. Remember not to throw the shells they will be the basis of the center.

For each egg holders can get two! Try to split them in half with great care not to break the entire shell. Once you have them just wash them carefully so as not to break them. Then let dry. When you know how to make them so they look at the table just distribute as you thought.

Now add into each shell a candle. Choose from small candles because they weigh less and provide less heat to prevent damage to the shell. Something you can do if you want a flashier center is painted with paint peels.