Cheese And Macaroni Cutlets

By on December 31, 2011

338 Cheese And Macaroni Cutlets


100 gms Mozzeralla Cheese.
100 gms any kind or size Macaroni.
1 med size springOnion
1/4 cup mint Leaves.
Black pepperto taste.
Salt to taste.
1 cup Oil..for frying.
1 tbsp Lemon juice.
1 small Red OnionChopped.
2 Eggs
bread crumbs 1 to 2 cups

In hot boiling water add macronies and boil until it becomes over sized.
Crush Mozzarella cheese and add to macaroni.
Chop all other ingredients and put it in to the mixture of cheese and macaroni.
Make small any size of cutlets and keep it in the refregerator for about ten minutes.
Then dip the cutlets into the well beaten Eggs and cover it with Bread crumbs and fry until it becomes golden brown.
Serve hot with chilli garlic sauce.Enjoy