Choose The Best Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape

By on June 2, 2011

In the same way that not all clothes will look good on all body types, there are certain haircuts that look fabulous with certain face shapes while being completely unflattering on others. The trick to finding the cut that works best for you is knowing exactly what shape your face is and using this knowledge to highlight your best facial features while downplaying the ones you don’t like. Regardless of your facial structure you can rest assured that there’s a perfect haircut out there waiting for you – all you have to do now is figure out which one it is.

Face Shapes Choose The Best Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape

Not everyone can pull off a choppy bob, but oval-faced girls can do it with total confidence.
The five basic face shapes are round,oval,heart-shaped,square and long.
The easiest way to determine which face shape you have is to simply pull your hair back into a tight ponytail (use a headband if your hair is short), get out your least expensive lipstick, and carefully outline your face’s reflection onto the mirror. When you step back you’ll have your answer – no rulers or measuring tape required!

Often, faces will be a combination of shapes – such as halfway between a square and an oval – and if this is the case for you, simply combine both pieces of advice given for those face shapes and choose your haircut accordingly. It’s also common for face shapes to change over time, especially if your weight has been fluctuating, so don’t assume that because your face was round in your early teens that it will still be round by the time you hit your twenties.

Got your face shape sorted? Read on for tips on choosing the best haircut for you!

The Round Face

kirsten+dunst+round+face Choose The Best Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape

If your face is round, then chances are you’ll want to de-emphasise the roundness with a cut that makes your face look longer and leaner, while drawing attention to your cheekbones. Your best bet is to choose a layered cut that has volume at the crown but minimal volume at the sides: this will give your face some added height without giving it any further width.

If you have a fringe then make sure that it’s swept to the side (even if only slightly, like Michelle Williams in the photo above), as a straight, blunt fringe will make your face look rounder. The same idea can be applied to how you part your hair: a side part will flatter your face far more than a centre part will, as the side part will throw off the circular symmetry while the centre part will enhance it.

Generally speaking, a layered cut that is shoulder length or longer works best for women with round faces, or a short cut that has height on top without fullness around the ears. Avoid pulling your hair back in a super-tight ponytail or bun: having a wispy strand here or there when you pull your hair back will make your round face look thinner. And haircuts that end at chin-length are to be avoided at all costs!

The Oval Face

02676ba6f32d4b58 medium haircuts for oval faces Choose The Best Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape

Got an oval-shaped face? Lucky you! This face shape is by far the most versatile of the five as pretty much any haircut you choose is going to flatter it. Because of this, you have the luxury of being a lot more creative with your hair – long or short, layered or blunt, fringed, asymetrical, choppy, sleek – they’re all going to look good so you might as well take advantage of it and change your haircut as often as the mood strikes.

Most models and many celebrities have oval-shaped faces, so if you’re stuck for ideas on which direction to take your hairstyle in next, simply have a flick through some magazines, or check out some online celebrity hairstyle galleries..

The Heart-Shaped Face

 1678874 dahl2150 Choose The Best Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape

Sometimes referred to as the ‘diamond-shaped’ face, the heart shape is one that has most of the features of an oval face, but which tapers down to a feminine, pointed chin. As the narrowness of the chin tends to be the focal point of a heart-shaped face, you’ll want to choose a haircut that makes it look wider – and a chin-length bob is absolutely perfect for achieving this. It’ll add volume to the bottom of your face, allowing it to take on a more oval-shaped appearance.

You’ll also find that layers will soften the sharp angle of your chin, so if you’re growing your hair long, then keep those layers cut in. Short hair can work well with heart-shaped faces but avoid cuts that have too much volume on top, as they will make your face look longer and your chin even more prominent. If you part your hair, you’ll usually find that a side part will be more flattering than a centre part, and the same goes for fringes: a sideswept one will look better than a straight and blunt one every time.

The Square Face

 Choose The Best Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape

Square faces have a strong, almost masculine-looking jawline, and a forehead that is as wide as the cheekbones. It’s a striking face shape but one that looks best when it’s softened with a rounded or layered cut. Curls, waves and textured (i.e. slightly messy) hair will also go a long way towards making a square face look softer.

Fringes can work well on square faces provided that they’re not too straight and blunt, and if you’re pulling your hair back make sure that there’s a wispy bit floating here or there to ease the severity of your face shape. Very straight, flat, or rigid hair will be unflattering as well: in general, the more you can get your hair to move, the better it will look.

Avoid super-short pixie cuts and styles that finish at your jaw as these tend to accentuate the squareness of the face rather than minimising it. And when parting your hair, go for one that is off-centre to make your face look less symmetrical, or sweep it straight back with a bit of height on top like Jessica Simpson has done in the photo above.

The Long Face

bangs3 std Choose The Best Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape

When your face is longer than it is wide, you’ll want to find a haircut that adds width to balance out your facial proportions, thereby making it look more classically oval. The way to do this is with face-framing layers, and volume at your temples and cheekbones. Never try to add more volume on top as this will make your face look even longer, and hair that is very long and straight tends to drag your face down as well – if you love your hair long, then make sure that it has a bit of waviness and texture to it.

A fabulous choice for ladies with long faces is a long, blunt fringe – one that is full, straight and skims the top of your eyebrows. It’s a sophisticated look that (at the time of writing) is very much on-trend, and has the added bonus of taking inches off the length of your face by covering up your forehead.

As for parting your hair, long faces look great with both a centre part and a side part, or with the hair being slicked straight back. As long as you are adding volume to the sides of your face and minimising the volume on top, you’ll be able to keep your face looking less narrow and more balanced.