Choosing The Right Mascara For You

By on January 1, 2012

magicmascara Choosing The Right Mascara For You

Ever planned to buy your own mascara? I believe that this make-up item is a must have for every girl because it helps emphasize the true beauty of the eyes. However, just like other make-up item it is imperative to choose the one that suits you. Actually, there are several types of mascara to choose from. If you want a mascara that lasts for a long time, you can opt for a cake mascara. This type is actually being used by models. Also, there is what we call the waterproof mascara. This one is suitable for people who cry a lot or wet their faces a lot because it does not smudge easily (that’s why it’s called waterproof, duh!). There’s also the regular mascara which easily smudges off and the mascara that has little fibers to make your eyelashes look thicker. There are other types aside from these, the only solution is to choose the one that suits you best.