Christmas Cookie Gift Bag

By on December 14, 2011

cookiebag rdax 65 Christmas Cookie Gift Bag

What you’ll need:


  • Paper lunch sack
  • Acrylic paint in white, green and red
  • Foam stamps: star and circle
  • Paint brush
  • White craft glue
  • Silver glitter
  • Green glitter glue
  • 6-8” ribbon
  • Cookies

How to make it:

  1. Open the lunch bag to make sure that none of the sides or ends are stuck together before you start. Close it back up.
  2. Fold bottom of bag against itself so that it lies flat and is not folded upwards.
  3. Use a hole punch or wooden skewer to make a small hole in the top center of the bag. (Later you will tie the bag shut with a ribbon.)
  4. Paint the circle foam stamp with red paint. Stamp onto the bag. Fill in any gaps with the paint brush. Allow to dry.
  5. Paint the star stamp with white paint and stamp onto bag, overlapping the circle and running off the right edge of the bag. Fill in gaps with paint brush. Let dry.
  6. Paint the star stamp with green paint and stamp onto bag, overlapping the circle and running off the left end of the bag.
  7. Decorate the “cookies” with sprinkles by dipping the handle end of a paint brush into paint and dotting onto the circle and stars.
  8. Use white craft glue to write the word “cookies” at the top of the bag.
  9. Sprinkle completely with silver glitter and let dry. Tap off excess glitter.
  10. Water down a little bit of craft glue and use a paint brush to paint the glue mixture onto the undecorated spaces on the bag.
  11. Lightly sprinkle glitter onto the areas you painted with glue and tap off excess.
  12. Use green glitter glue to write the words “For: ______” at the bottom of the bag. Let dry completely.
  13. When bag is completely dry, fill with cookies and thread a piece of ribbon through the top hole. Tie in a bow.


  • Wrap your cookies in wax paper or plastic bags so you don’t get any grease spots on the bag.
  • To make many bags at once, line up several bags in a row and do this craft assembly line style.
  • We did not have a circle stamp so we used a smiley face stamp and filled the gaps with the paint brush.