Cleaning the house in minutes

By on May 24, 2011

Keep the house clean is not only a duty but also a right: in a clean house you feel at ease and happy to invite more guests. It serves, however, a constant effort, which might not always be made to work or family reasons: it comes to the rescue organization here is a quick and easy guide to plan everything.

Getting organized is key to keeping a clean house in the middle of a busy schedule everyday and the most effective ways to be able to do this is to repeat the same gestures every time, in the same order and with the same commitment, just as if they were a maid rite.

cleaning house01 Cleaning the house in minutes

Have a ritual for daily cleaning and weekly, makes it much easier to save time, since every natural act we will, without even realizing it, and perhaps accompanied by a good energizing music.

Daily cleaning: an hour or so in the morning

For daily cleaning we can do an hour or so in the morning before leaving home, so all rooms are always ready to welcome the guests and provide us with a good feeling just now returned home.

Just get up, spend 5 minutes to start the washing machine loaded the night before, or spread i shoes washing done during the night to save on electricity bill, always to keep organized, remove from freezer what is for lunch and dinner.
In the bedroom, ten minutes are spent on open the windows, raise sheets and blankets from the bed, rearrange items and clothing left over from the night before, and redo Finally, the bed. The windows at this point can be closed (if it is winter, remember to cover yourself well, just out of bed you feel the cold more, but the windows are still open to allow air circulation!)
Another fifteen minutes you can spend on bend or hang i clothes in the closet, to put the heads in the basket of dirty laundry, ironed linen store, to store your shoes after cleaning them.
After the passage to the bathroom to wash and prepare, you should lose 15 minutes for a basic cleaning: use a cloth dampened with detergent and water on sink, bidet, jar and bath, Then drain the water from the shower wall and clean the mirror with a cloth and alcohol to remove fingerprints and splashes of water, replace soap, toilet paper, sanitizing tablets; pass tap cloth and calcium, skip the broom down and a cloth dampened with water and alcohol.
After breakfast the other hand, in the kitchen is well empty the dishwasher and begin to recharge it with cups and spoons for breakfast and wash by hand if you do not have a dishwasher. The food should be used in the pantry or refrigerator, wipe with a cloth fires and the sink, sweep the floor. Total Time: 15 minutes.
Before descending, 5 or 10 minutes should be spent to accommodate containers of waste and to prepare the bags to take away as you go. Prepare, therefore, the bins again, with special bags (biodegradable or paperboard) clean.
Weekly cleaning: an environment day:
For a little more thorough cleaning is necessary to perform some activities at least twice a week, or once a week with a breakdown by day: so little and the effort will be organized, and the weekend will be free to rest or to enjoy some trip.
In bedroom you need 15 minutes to dust shelves, furniture, bedside tables with a soft cloth and a mild dust, and to move with the vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors, marble or ceramic, as well as rugs or carpets with special brushes.
Other 15 minutes are spent in kitchen to replace those dirty towels and place in the laundry, to clean the inside of the oven with water and vinegar, and the inside of the microwave with water and detergent, to clean the grills of the cooking, to put in some cases even in the dishwasher to empty the crumbs from the toaster or bread basket, to check the food in the fridge and pantry, throwing away what has expired; to clean the exterior of the refrigerator, cooker and sink, to pass the floor with a cloth, water and detergent.
Al bathroom be dedicated at least 20 minutes: remove all objects that are on the ground, including toilet and brush for carpet broom or vacuum cleaner switch on the floor, pour the lime on the tap and let sit for a few minutes, change the towels, then clean the taps with creamy cleanser to remove stains and limestone wash the floor with water and detergent and allow to dry and replace carpets and other objects in their place (replace them with cleaned if necessary).
Other 20 minutes are dedicated to stay: Tidy up, throwing away old newspapers and arranging objects scattered dust all surfaces with a soft cloth and detergent dust, vacuuming and carpet on the floor and wash the floor with water and detergent, water the plants.
If you have a balcony is not too large, can do 10 minutes to sweep the floor, wash cloth and warm water, and dust and clean the railing with a damp sponge.