Cleaning work at home

By on November 4, 2011

Simple tricks, home remedies without abusing detergents to keep the house clean and in good hygienic conditions. For all items of daily use in home look like newly purchased, sometimes you have to go about work cleaning that will keep the house neat and clean.

Cleaning the mud flats:

Water, sun or wind can obscure the mud flats. To clean, avoid abrasive cleaners as they can wear them. If you are newly installed, apply a little linseed oil, let it absorb and wax it. In this way the floor is waterproof. If you need more information about water damage cleanup you can visit here.

cleaning home Cleaning work at home

Ceiling and wall cleaning:

If the paint is not washable, pass the vacuum with brush, starting from the ceiling. Use a cotton cloth wrapped in a broom to reach the highest parts. If you have plastic or enamel paints, pass a cloth soaked in water with few drops of ammonia.

Cleaning of the doors:

If the doors are painted, make a paste with water and chalk, applied with a sponge. Remove with warm water and pass a dry cloth. To remove fingerprints, from a potato in half and rub over the affected area.

Precautions to furniture with wheels:

So that dust does not affect the bearing of the furniture, clean regularly with a dry cloth. If the wheels are fixed with screws and tighten mismatched with some regularity and do not forget oiled at least once a year. Also, ensure that the furniture not support excessive load, since the weight can damage them.

Vacuum odorless:

Sometimes, when using the vacuum are presented odors. To avoid this, empty the bag after each use and add a few drops of a favorite essence. Thus, the odor will disappear and, incidentally, is aromatized environments.

No more drafts:

When the windows are very large, glass is often detached from the frame and the air currents are filtered. A good solution without removing the glass is filling the hole with black clay or putty. For the patch will not be noticed, remove the excess with a putty knife while fresh. When the mixture dries completely, clean around it with a cloth dipped in vinegar.
The glass will be shiny.

Cleaning the dishes with designs:

The drawings of fashionable characters often decorate the crockery children may lose color or break down, wash after wash, especially if it is plastic. To prevent this, avoid putting these pieces in the dishwasher and washing better hand with a soft sponge. This will keep much longer and without scratches.

Exterior walls clean:

To clean the front of the house cleaners use high pressure water. However, it is important to first seek advice regarding the strength of materials, as there are surfaces or finishes that do not tolerate this type of cleaners because they shatter.

Clean awnings and umbrellas:

By continuous exposure to sun, rain and air, awnings and umbrellas tend to erode. Therefore, the most effective way to extend the battery life is to pass the vacuum and scrub the surface with soap and water, then let them dry and spread them to dry well normally.