Cluster Ring Tutorial

By on May 27, 2011

Cluster rings feature a number of beads clustered together to form the main setting on a ring. These beads may include all the same kind of bead or mix up the colors, shapes and types. That is up to you. However, you must only use small beads in your rings if you want to use a lot of them. The number of beads is also up to you, but there should be no more than about 24 beads. Once you have the number and size adjusted, these rings are very simple to make.

cluster ring tutorial 800x800 Cluster Ring Tutorial

Things You’ll Need

  • 24 beads (6mm, in any color or medium)
  • 24 metal head pins
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire nips
  • Beading ring
  • Jump rings


1- Slip a 6mm bead onto each of your headpins. These pins usually have dull points and flat, metallic heads that give your beads a finished look on the top. If they do have sharp points, handle them carefully to avoid injury. Choose between silver, gold and copper finishes. You can also use a mix of the three for a more eclectic ring.

2- Grip the stem of each head pin and roll it down into circle that sits tight against the bottom of your bead. Nip away any excess wire from the pin. Scoop these pieces into the garbage or recycling bin right away.

3- Open a jump ring for each bead. These small, metal rings connect pieces of jewelry. Slip six to eight head pin rings on a jump ring. Squeeze the jump rings closed with your pliers, then squeeze them at the sides to make them into ovals. Make sure you distribute your bead colors and media evenly.

4- Open each jump ring again and slip them through the ring on the top of your beading ring. Beading rings are closed, flat, metal bands with a small metal loop sticking out from the top of the band. Be careful and have patience when slipping the last jump ring through your beading ring loop. It may take a little wiggling, but it can be done. Squeeze the jump rings closed around the beading ring loop.