Coastal Cave House of French Designer Alexandre de Betak

By on December 28, 2011

Nestled in a small coastal village in the Tramuntana region of Majorca, with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, is the home of French fashion and furniture designer Alexandre de Betak. Inspired by cave dwellings, the interior takes on an organic form, even shelves appear to push forth from natural rock to cradle the families possessions. Rustic wooden beams, doors and furniture warm the stone surroundings of this eco-friendly construction, and ceilings are cut away in seemingly random patterns of abat-jours in the hallway.

In de Betak’s own words:

For 10 years I was dreaming about it, for five years I was looking for a spot for it, for two years working on it, for another two years building it, and finally here it is…