Converted into a sofa bed

By on October 21, 2011

If you lack space or live in a small apartment but want a king bed, turn it into a sofa and chill-out type that space will become a living as exotic. To do this choose shades of purple, lilac and fuchsia and do not forget to put some cushion with embroidered mirrors, will be the perfect touch. Also, if the rest of your decor is more modern minimalist, a white bedspread and cushions many raw tones mixed with some blue turquoise and have the comfortable and cozy space in which to spend many hours.

converted into a sofa bed Converted into a sofa bed

If you have a patio or small garden, you can use a bed 80 or 90 cm as a sofa or chaise longue in a cheap and functional and enjoy unforgettable evenings. Surround her with some candles and lanterns for the night and pick some type roller pads or caramel to make the place of arms of the sofa. The colors depend on the style you’ve chosen but citrus are very appropriate. You can opt for a waterproof or exterior to the base which will be much more practical.

In one room and living room can create a perfect spot for those moments of relaxation or reading. You can put a small table to one side with a lamp and put a blanket or plaid on one side, will be very comfortable. In terms of style, choose the best go with the rest of the room but tan, brown raw and fit well in any environment.

If your decor is rustic, a blanket or flower boxes will be ideal for that sofa transformed. And you can combine it with accessories as wicker and wrought iron, a magazine rack at the foot will be great.

In a children’s room, the bed can become a couch for little money and the result is spectacular. The child will have a bed at night and a comfortable sofa during the day. You can decorate a beautiful quilt and cushions that match the rest of the fabrics, curtains, lamps. You can also put a few curls at the ends, some pictures on the wall and if you think a couple of shelves in which to place photos or some toy. You’ll love the result.

The options are many, you just need a box spring and mattress to get a dream sofa and put in any environment.