Cookies from Home-How to Wrap Cookies

By on May 29, 2011

Cookies from home make excellent gifts. What better way to show your appreciation for someone than gift cookies. They are easy and inexpensive, but with some creative wrapping your baking gifts can be made to look sensational.
There is a wide range of gift wrapping materials available now from baskets, gift bags to gift boxes. Look for clear or colored cellophane, ribbons, labels and cards. Keep an eye out for unusual cookie jars or cookie tins.
Going to some extra trouble with your gift wrapping really sets off your baking gift and makes them something special.
Your loved one may also appreciate a copy of the recipe. Buy some fancy stationery or some colored cardboard, print a copy of the recipe and include it with the gift. If you have good computer skills, add some decoration and some color.

Cookie Basket

Take a wicker basket, line with a serviette or a tea towel and fill with your cookies from home. Wrap in cellophane and ribbon and you have a cookie basket. You could even add other items such as tea or coffee to the basket.

cookies in a basket Cookies from Home How to Wrap Cookies

Gift Boxes

Boxes make ideal containers for your cookies from home. There are many shops now that specialise in gift-wrapping materials and they stock a wide range of gift boxes in all sizes, shapes, patterns and colors. When packing cookies in a gift box, line the box with greaseproof paper or crumpled tissue paper to protect the cookies. Either wrap the box in colored paper or leave unwrapped and tie the box with ribbon. Sometimes simplicity can be the most effective.
Shallow boxes that hold cookies in one or two layers are perfect for fragile cookies that have been decorated with delicate icing.
Gift Bags
Gift bags are very popular and usually come with their own gift card. The cookies can be wrapped in cellophane or paper first and then placed in the gift bag. Because these bags will not offer much protection these are only suitable for gifts that are given and eaten quickly.

But it’s also fun to make your own. Simply buy some clear or colored cellophane and tie with colored ribbon.

To make a simple bag which is suitable for round or square cookies:

gift wrapped cookies Cookies from Home How to Wrap Cookies

  • Cut a 10 inch / 25 cm square of cellophane.
  • Put a pile of six cookies in the middle of the square, then gather up the edges around the cookies and tie with a ribbon.

To make a pointed bag for tiny cookies:

  • Cut out a 16 inch / 40 cm square of cellophane.
  • Fold in quarters to make a smaller square.
  • Holding the square at the point where the folds join, cut across the opposite corner in a curved line.
  • Open out into a circle, then cut the circle in half to make two semicircles.
  • Take one semicircle and pull its two points towards each other until they meet.
  • Slide one of the points behind the other to make a cone. Secure with sticky tape.
  • Half-fill with cookies, then gather and tie with ribbon.

Your cookies from home can also be wrapped to look like crackers. Place a row of cookies on their side to resemble a cookie log. Roll in a rectangle of cellophane, then tie both ends with ribbon and you have a Christmas cracker.

Cookie Tins

These can be bought new or you can recycle used tins that previously contained cookies. Either way there are some beautiful tins available that make excellent gift containers for your cookies from home. Holiday cookie tins are ideal for this purpose. If you have a fancy tin, wrap in clear cellophane so as not to hide the tin and tie the top with some ribbon.

cookie tins Cookies from Home How to Wrap Cookies

Cookie Jars

These are ideal for gift giving. There is a huge range of cookie jars available in all shapes and sizes. Glass jars allow the cookies to be displayed. There are also some beautifully decorated cookie jars available. Why not consider a quirky, novelty cookie jar? Simply wrap in clear or coloured cellophane, tie with ribbon and attach a personalised gift card.

Gift Wrapping

Cellophane is ideal gift wrapping for fancy tins and jars. You can use either clear or coloured. Tissue paper and glossy printed or metallic paper all look terrific. However, if you wish to make your own gift wrap, buy some brown paper and decorate with silver or gold paint. Or buy some stickers to decorate the paper.

Gift Cards / Ribbons

Co-ordinate your gift card with the paper and ribbons. But better yet make your own. Cut out a shape from your paper and glue this to a small piece of cardboard. Make a hole in the corner and thread some ribbon through.

Ribbons come in a limitless range of beautiful colors and textures. Tie them in intricate bows or simply let them hang with the ends cut on the diagonal. But why not try other materials such as string, straw or strings of Christmas beads.

gift wrapping Cookies from Home How to Wrap Cookies