Correct Techniques of Applying Makeup

By on November 10, 2011

makeup Correct Techniques of Applying Makeup

Learning the correct techniques when applying makeup can help you look your best.
When you know what types of makeup to use and how to properly apply them, you can
make sure your appearance is always at its best. In addition to learning how to apply
makeup, you should also understand what types of products are best for your skin type
and what colors are most flattering to your complexion.

Applying makeup, while using the correct techniques, does not have to be difficult or
frustrating. There are two very common mistakes that women make. They either use the
wrong colors, or they apply too much. Using the wrong colors can make anyone look
silly. Generally, choose colors that compliment your skin tone. If you have light skin, do
not go with dark colors. Also, do not try to apply too much makeup. Apply just enough
for a natural glow.

So let’s look at the basic steps needed to apply makeup correctly:

Apply Concealer
When you are ready to apply, consider using a concealer. Concealer can help you hide
circles under your eyes, or flaws and blemishes on your skin. This can enhance the
overall look of your face. Look for a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your normal
skin color / tone, especially if you want to hide dark circles underneath your eyes. Since
the under eye- area is already dark, you want to tone it down so that it is more or less the
same color as your skin tone. If you use a color similar to your skin tone, it will make the
area darker and will appear funny after your foundation is applied. When you apply the
concealer, do not stretch the skin. Use a small brush or cotton bud to apply concealer
underneath the eye area as this will prevent the skin from stretching. Concealer comes in
various forms such as in a stick, creams, bottles and powders.

Apply Foundation
After you have covered your dark circles or blemishes you will be ready to apply
foundation. The types of foundation vary from one another. You get foundation that is
suitable for those of you who want minimum coverage and this usually comes in a bottle
with a little pump on top. Then you also get thicker foundation for those of you who want
full coverage, due to age or bad acne skins, and this can be found in a bottle with a little
pump on top or in a stick or in a powder form.
A very important thing to remember is that the foundation must be the exact same color
as your skin color. Are you one of those people that blends the foundation deep into your
neckline not for the simple reason of age spots? If your answer to this is yes, then the
most probable reason for this is because the foundation that you are using, is not the
correct color. Make sure you get professional help when choosing your foundation,
before you end up spending a lot of money on unused make-up.
Not everyone uses foundation, but if you have uneven skin tone, pimples or freckles,
using foundation can enhance your appearance. When applying foundation, you can
either use a make-up sponge, a foundation brush or lastly your fingers (for those of you
who don’t have a lot of time at hand). Generally, start applying from the centre of your
face and work your way out. Make certain that the foundation is well blended around the
edges of your face so that there is no visible line.

Apply Powder
The next step in the process of making yourself beautiful is to apply powder over your
foundation. The best color to use is a translucent one which blends perfectly into your
foundation. Take a powder puff, dip it into loose powder and dab the powder onto your
face, applying each layer close to the previous one. You can either begin at your forehead
and work your way downwards or you can begin from the left side of your face going all
the way to the right side. Apply powder over your eyelids and lips as well to ensure that
your eye shadow and lipstick stays on for longer. The last step is to take your powder
brush and to brush off any excess powder from your face.

Apply Eye Shadow
The very first step in your eye make-up application is to fill in your eyebrows. Neaten
your eyebrows with an eyebrow comb and then use either an eye shadow color similar to
your hair color or an eyebrow pencil. I prefer using an eye shadow color for a more
natural look. Eye shadow itself can be fun to use if you want to experiment with different
colors. Try a few shades until you find one that is flattering to you. When applying eye
shadow, start at the outside corner of the eye, in the fold of your eye, and work your way
inwards. The simple reason for this is because after dipping your eye shadow brush into
the eye shadow, your eye shadow will be very dark at the first place of application. So,
the color will become lighter as you work your way towards the inside corner of your eye
and it’s easier to blend the darker color on the outside of your eye.
You can either use the applicator which the makeup comes with or use a small brush that
will look like a flat paintbrush. Apply a lighter shade over your whole eye area. The
medium color will be applied in the fold of your eye. Take your brush and blend these
two colors together. You can even experiment with using several shades together as long
as you blend the the colors together.
Apply Eyeliner and Mascara
Now you can apply eyeliner and mascara. When you apply eye makeup, always use clean
and sterilised equipment. Do not apply eyeliner on the inside of the eyelid. Eyeliner
comes in various shades and in pencil form or a liquid form. Pencil eyeliner is usually
easier to apply than the liquid. For a dramatic make-up look, apply liquid eyeliner when
you go out in the evenings.
Mascara also comes in several colors, mostly of which brown and black are the most
popular. If you have droopy eyelashes, consider using an eyelash curler before applying
your mascara or if your eyes are a bit sensitive or you want to go for a swim, then it’s
best to use waterproof mascara.

Apply Blush
After applying your eye shadow, the next obvious step is to apply blush. Blush also
comes in many colors and varieties. Powder blush is probably the most popular, followed
by sticks or creams. Find a shade that compliments your skin tone. If you are applying
the powder variety, use an angled makeup brush to apply the blush with. If you have no
obvious cheekbones, then you can apply the blush underneath your natural cheekbone
(you can feel it with your fingers).
For obvious cheekbones, apply the blush on top of your cheeks just to soften it up or for
that all natural look, apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Begin applying the
blush in line with your nose and going no further than the end of your eye. It is best to
apply a thin straight line at first, then you can take your brush and make circular
movements just to blend it in. Make sure the blush is well blended and that no streaks are
visible. Remember that you only want that healthy glow.

Apply Lipstick
When you are done, you can apply your lipstick. As a general rule, do not go too bright if
you have pale skin. Use a natural lip liner just to see where your lip line is and blend it in
softly with a cotton bud. The best way to apply your lipstick is to use a lipstick brush.
This ensures just the right amount of lipstick on your lips and it is also more cost
effective when using it this way. You use less lipstick which resolves in you not having to
buy lipstick all so often.

Very important about make-up:

Make sure that you thoroughly remove all makeup before going to bed each night. Also,
throw away old makeup when it is dry or cracked. Do not try to use old or expired
makeup, especially around the eye area as this can cause eye infections.
Try to keep your make-up application simple and remember that less is more when it
comes to day make-up.
As you can see it is fun and easy to apply makeup. If you want to learn how to apply
makeup more professionally then it’s also good to join a makeup course. There are great
makeup courses available on the internet. Being able to create stunning looks and feeling
confident are the fruits you pick when you learn how to apply makeup correctly.