Cream Eye Shadow Tips

By on December 6, 2011

 Cream Eye Shadow Tips


This is the time of year when the cosmetic companies push the sale of summer makeup color, styles and techniques. One of the hottest products to make the summer line-up is cream eye shadow.

One of the hottest things about cream eye shadow is that it’s water proof. Which really comes in handy when you are sweating profusely from the parking lot to your office. If even one drop of perspiration lands on your power eye shadow, you will no longer have the look that you left home with.

Consider lying out by the pool or at a Caribbean beach resort with waterproof makeup, including eye shadow, instead of a look punctuated by “my makeup is in the pool or washed off in the ocean”.

We all know about waterproof mascara, now lip stain and cream eye shadow can enhance the look of that $95.00 swimsuit and that $85.00 hat.

Cream Eyeshadow Tips

  • Apply just a little powder on the eyelids first or even an eyeshadow primer. Concealers also make excellent eyeshadow primers.
  • Use one two or three shades of cream eyeshadow at one time: Light color goes all over the lid, dark in the outside corner and the bright shade in the center of the lower lid. Use a sponge applicator or eyeshadow brushes, just like dry eyeshadow.
  • Apply loose powder over the entire eyelid area
  • Apply eyeliner or eye pencil after cream eyeshadow application

The color of your cream eye shadow should complement your clothing and overall style. Find a reason to wear turquoise. It looks great on blondes, brunettes and red heads. Young and mature a like can assemble an ensemble that looks great with turquoise.

Another very hot look in cream eye shadows is pink! Who knew that pink would be hot for so long. Women and men alike all agree that that is not one lady who doesn’t look good in pink and women look great in it too.

Cream pink eye shadow is a great eye color to wear with all black, all white or all gray.