Cucumber Soup

By on December 16, 2011

 Cucumber Soup


- Half a cucumber

- 1 tbsp. fresh mint

- 150g. greek yoghurt

- Salt

- Freshly ground pepper

- 1 mint leaf

- A handful of crushed ice


- Slice the cucumber into thin slices and place to one side.

- Add the greek yoghurt and cucumber into a food processor.

- Once combined, add the fresh mint and blend on full power for 1 minute.

- Follow by adding the crushed ice into the mixture and continue blending.

- Once all of the ingredients are combined, add the mixture into seperate bowls.

- Sprinkle some salt and freshly ground pepper into the cucumber soup mixture.

- Top with a mint leaf for decoration and eat immediately.

- This soup is best served chilled and can be stored in a refrigerator for 3 days after use. Serve with bread or on its own as a snack