Curly Hair Tips

By on October 28, 2011

 Curly Hair Tips

1- When using a hair dryer, use a special diffuser made especially for curls. Using a regular blow dryer will cause the hair to frizz

2- Only cut your hair when its dry. Cutting or trimming your hair when its wet can cause a serious problem. Curled wet hair is much longer than the same size hair when its dry. If you cut curled hair wet, you might end up with very short hair.

3- Don’t mess with your hair when its drying. Keep your hands off your hair after applying gel. Touching the hair effect the natural curls and will cause it to frizz.

4- Never ever comb your hair. Brushes and combs will cause the hair to frizz. Instead, after applying a conditioner, brush your hair lightly using your fingers. That’s it.

5- Use gel to keep your hair in place. Do this right after the shower. It will hold the curls in there natural place.

6- Use sulfate-free shampoos. They will cause frizz for curl hair.

7- Always Condition you hair. Don’t keep your hair dry, curly hair will frizz if its dry. A conditions will moisturize them and give them a great shiny look.