Curly Hair Tips

By on August 13, 2011

Is your hair a bushy nest of undefined frizzy curls? You are not the only one. Many with potentially gorgeous curls care for them in the wrong way, or they just get so sick of curls that they straighten them! Well, chuck the straightener, and keep reading for how to keep your curvaceous hair looking great.

perm hair Curly Hair Tips


Find a good moisturizing conditioner that won’t flatten out your curls. Try to avoid anything which strips curly hair. Try something that smells yummy, but will add moisture or shine.

Don’t wash your hair with shampoo every day. This kind of hair needs the natural oils from your scalp to reduce frizz. No more than four washes every week is good. For your off days, use the rinse and condition regimen.

Hop into the shower, rinse your hair out with cool water, and apply shampoo if needed. Wash your hair with a smaller amount of shampoo than you usually do, making sure to massage your scalp thoroughly. Wash this out throughly. As an alternative you can choose to not use shampoo and scrub your scalp with conditioner instead. Always clean your hair after swimming in chlorinated water using a non-sulfate shampoo or a homemade recipe.

Distribute conditioner throughout your hair. Comb your hair out, parting it as you go. Use more conditioner than usual because moisture is the key with curly hair. Leave this on for 5 minutes or so then comb it through with a wide toothed comb then wash it out. Your hair should feel silky and smooth.

Detangle your hair now. Try a semi-cold rinse, that seals the hair cuticle, making it extra shiny. Let your hair drip after your shower is done and do not comb it through any more.

Avoid wringing or rubbing it with a towel. Gently scrunch out most of the water with your fingers while you’re still in the shower. If you rub it with a towel, it creates friction and that causes frizz!

Let it air dry for about 15 minutes, but do not touch or comb your hair. If your hair is very thick or frizzes easily you may want to put in hair products immediately after getting out of the shower.

Choose a good leave-in-conditioner or cream. Apply to bottom 3/4 of hair. Spread product onto both palms and scrunch in gently. Leave-in-conditioner can be reasonably priced.

Put in some curl-defining mousse or gel. Spread product onto both palms and scrunch in gently. Alternatively, rake in the product with your hands and then scrunch the curls back in. This is good for wavier hair types. Also experiment with scrunching upside down to give your roots a lift.

Shape the hair by scrunching it some more and twirling pieces around a finger.Also, if you wait till the hair is still fairly damp but you can see the hair going curly, take hold of an individual curl,get some gel (wet-look works well)and spread it through the curl. This really stops frizzing.

Let the hair air-dry preferably. Do not touch while drying or your hair will frizz. If you must, blow-dry your hair on the coolest/slowest setting with a diffuser until it is about 80% dry to avoid frizz. Throw your hair upside down and into the diffuser and start it up on a low heat. Let your hair rest in the diffuser for the best effect. And do not blow dry hair every day; it will damage and dry out hair. Only do it if you really need to.

Do not try and comb or brush your hair at this point, because it will separate single strands of hair away from your lovely ringlets.

Choose a hairdresser experienced in curly/dry hair. A lot of hairdressers who are more experienced with mainly straight hair don’t understand the needs of curvaceous cuties.

Have your hairdresser help you choose a hairstyle that is easy to maintain- preferably one that just requires a wet-and-go approach. Long layers are often create a great shape and make the hair easier to untangle.

Visit your stylist at least three times a year to trim split ends and reshape your hair if it is healthy (more if not). Don’t let your hairstylist use a razor to layer your hair (although long layers good). Razors cause ratty looking ends which will contribute to split ends.

Avoid heat at all costs. Don’t straighten your curls very often–curly hair is much more fun to look at, play with, and to twirl! Also, do not brush curly hair dry, unless you want a ‘fro.

Love your hair! Many are envious of the regal qualities of curly hair! It may seem hard to love your curls now, but once you use these methods you’ll want to flaunt them everywhere!


  • Try to limit your washings to twice a week to maintain natural oils.
  • Don’t use heat. If your curls are going too flat, just scrunch the hair, or use a curling conditioner. If you hate leaving the house with your hair wet, use a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer and use the coolest settings.
  • Condition curls in the morning. Sleeping on curls flattens them out. If you didn’t have time for a shower in the morning, and you are running late, rinse your hair out, apply mousse, scrunch and run!
  • Try to avoid straightening. Sure, straight hair might be super-cute, but curls are way more unique and pretty!
  • Try putting on some lavender oil or coconut oil in your hair for styling. This will reduce the frizz, while conditioning your hair and protecting it against sun damage.
  • If you must use products, use ones that won’t leave too much residue buildup (ie silicones).
  • Maintain your desired style by just wetting hair with some conditioner on non-washing days (rinse thoroughly).
  • If you want more body on the top of your head to help counteract pyramid-shaped hair, try putting some clips in the top of your hair near your part while damp and let your hair dry with the clips in. This will help to give more body when you later take them out.
  • Do not use a towel to dry your hair. Use a cotton t-shirt to blot hair dry.


  • If you’ve been straightening your hair for a long time now, and you want to go curly, the first time you try to go curly will look weird (and maybe bushy, at that). It takes a couple of weeks for your hair to adjust from being fried everyday to moisturized. The time in between may seem horrible, but stick it out and they will look amazing in the end.
  • Every head of curly hair has different needs and you’ll have to experiment to find the right products and routine for you.
  • Ingredients in both deep moisturizing conditioners and frizz fighting products can cause acne in those prone to it.
  • Avoid having your hair cut with thinning shears! It will help decrease the volume of your hair at the outset, but as your hair grows out, you will have very ratty ends and frizz.