Dark Circles

By on January 2, 2012

Treatments of Under Eye Bags Dark Circles and Puffiness Dark Circles

To avoid dark eye circles must to understand their causes first. Inadequate rest causes under eye circles. As the day wears on, there is improved circulation around the eye, resulting in worsening eye circles. By lacking of rest you should understand circumstances like not having sufficient sleep, working too much on computer, watching TV and so on. Under eye circles are often of warning skin dehydration. The place directly under the eyes are related to kidneys, so the existence of dark circles indicate difficulty or problem in the kidney or liver areas and should be an invitation to see your doctor. Maybe you have allergies. Common allergy causing foods are dairy goods, white potatoes, tomatoes and tobacco, wheat products, corn products, and chocolate. You may have some flimsy conditions such as iron absorption deficiency, sinus or anemia problems