Decorate 3D wall panels

By on September 4, 2011

When we think of decoration of our home , most of the time we started down the walls. Why is this happening? Well , simply because it is the cloth , box , container elements. Not bad thinking on the walls as the first item, but we must not forget that the walls should be designed as part of a whole.

carnaby wall Decorate 3D wall panels

We know it costs to choose a color, it costs money to try and have the possibility of error, but technology and gives us opportunity to try different colors without spending time and money.

though not always the solution is to paint our walls a color in particular. Especially in recent months that have been proposed various techniques and products to decorate them. For example today we will find a compelling way to decorate our walls. Ladies and gentlemen , I give you the Paperforms 3D recycled material.

It is not decorative paper or any other flat material . panels are textured 3D protruding from the wall and can be painted the color that we like. They are simply incredible and if any known I have not hesitated to share with our readers this new way to decorate walls with panels 3D.

Several models , different formats and offer a host of special and very beautiful combinations to decorate our home.