Decorate your kitchen with accessories as natural

By on November 4, 2011

Your home becomes a point of reference for environmental conservation. If you choose a sustainable decor, plus your house dressing with style, respect and leverage better all the resources that nature offers you. Coatings, paintings, ornaments, faucets, toilets, any item, essential or not, you can find organic, thus improving your quality of life and legacy for your children.

sustainable decoration for kitchen Decorate your kitchen with accessories as natural

In the kitchen is easy to get a sustainable decor. You can choose a painting that does not have any toxic gases. VOCs of common paints carry a serious risk to the environment. Using natural paint your kitchen will look in all its glory and know that you are helping to respect your environment.

Choose soils of natural and manufactured forget: they contain dangerous toxins. The wood for your home-warm, colorful and fashionable, is the perfect coating for natural decor. Cork is also a good choice and original.

Instead of getting rid of your furniture, choose to change their appearance, and not have to replace them and pollute less. Paint them, add a vinyl or just change the handle or handles. A fresh look will be around for your kitchen without damaging anything or making a major investment. And if you have to buy new ones, switch to the eco furniture.

Invest in appliances with an “A” or higher. In addition to respecting the environment, directly affect your pocket and that significantly reduce the amount of electricity bill. Put energy saving taps and plants that filter the air renewing. The green lights and low lights are other key elements in sustainable decor.

Materials recycled are always the best partner in this commitment to environmental conservation. You’ll find many accessories for your kitchen made from these materials and the originality is assured.

Bamboo is an ideal natural material. In your kitchen will be the perfect base for salad bowls, teapots, fruit bowls and spoons. The most suitable colors are natural, green, brown and blue, because their tones are reminiscent of nature.

Cutlery, crockery, bottles made of recycled glass. fabrics like wool, for example, mats, are also a good idea to decorate your kitchen respecting the environment.