Decorating Walls Using Stencils

By on December 12, 2011

We see some people decorate their walls also with different stencils.
Decorating walls is also in trend.
Our creativity is also important in that.
So always try to make something creative, simple but beautiful designs for your walls.
Here are some steps for you all on decoration of walls using stencils.

Steps to decorate walls using stencils:

1. Apply primer on the wall, remove nails and repair cracks.

2. Using a painter’s tape mark the edges of doors and windows.

3. Remove all from the wall and cover furniture etc in the room.

4. Choose your desired color for base application, which I would suggest to be eggshell or anything like that.

5. Take stencil cards and clear acetate to cut stencils and make any pattern that comes in your mind, stand up to your imagination and thoughts.

6. Use a sharp knife or blade to cut the stencil deeply.

7. For fine and complicated design use a stencil brush and for folk art better use a sponge.

8. Artistic paints are best for stenciling, whereas oil paints can also be used though they needs longer time to dry. Household latex paints are okay but maybe difficult to apply on complex designs. Then apply a protective coating for longer life.

9. Take all colors on a palette and dab some paint on a dry brush, shake it to remove excess paint.

10. Attach the stencil pattern on the wall using some adhesive or tape.

11. Now start painting inside-out so that color doesn’t bleed in.

12. Apply a protective coating for durability.

13. Clean the area with mild warm soapy water.

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