Decorating with Bamboos

By on December 12, 2011

Is your home’s interior designed on a theme? Have you ever considered trying a bamboo based theme? If you like a charming, antique look for your home like me, Bamboo is the optimum choice. With the brownish royal look of the bamboo you can turn your home into a romantic haven with muted light and soft music.

Bamboo is used to make wall-panels and floorings. Whole furnishing sets are made with bamboo, add a few cushions and pillows for comfort and your home becomes a dreamy palace. Most of your household items can be made using bamboo like a pen stand, magazine holder or flower vase. You can adorn your walls with photo frames made of bamboo giving a whole bamboo-theme to your home.

Other than such items, Bamboo is also used to make accessories such as hair clips, earrings, bracelets (both tacky bracelets and elegant smaller bracelets); even necklaces can be made from beads made form bamboo. Using thinner sheets of bamboo, even lovely handbags are woven. All these accessories can be embedded with sparkly stones or decorated with different colors if you need a glistening radiant look.

As we all know, with the issue of global warming, today’s focus is on using renewable resources. Bamboo is such a resource that re-grows in a few years. Bamboo is a perennial plant that grows very fast and can be used within 3 to 7 years of planting.

I feel that such use of bamboo is a great idea, as it is not only unique but also environment-friendly. 

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