Do & Don’t of Healthy Hair

By on January 4, 2012


  • hairmonsoon main Do & Dont of Healthy HairChoose brushes and combs with widely spaced and smooth tipped bristles and teeth to avoid the risk of splitting hairs and scratching the scalp.

  • Wash combs and brushes in shampoo or soap at least once a week.

  • Always rinse your hair thoroughly.

  • Use a conditioner to smooth the outer surface of the hair, which is roughened by washing.

  • Apply extra conditioner when using a hairdryer, rollers, or tongs.

  • Always try a temporary rinse first, before you risk using permanent color.

  • Go to a professional colorist for permanent dyeing or bleaching.

    • Don’t over brush your hair, for it may increase the greasiness of oily hair and break the ends of dry hair.

    • Don’t tangle the hair while washing it.

    • Don’t give dry hair two applications of shampoo.

    • Don’t rub hair too vigorously when drying, it may break and tangle the hair.

    • Don’t have a permanent bleach if all you really need are “highlights”.

    • Don’t apply a permanent color until you have tested the solution on your skin for 36 hours to check for any adverse reactions.