By on September 30, 2011

If you really like to create the concoctions with your hands, instead of buying the usual creams ready at the supermarket or in perfumery, then pay attention to the instructions I am going to give you! You are dealing with pr … oblemi skin? If your problem is dry skin, this is the place for you!

Today we will learn to create a nourishing mask and moisturizing avocado and honey, perfect for girls who are struggling with this particular problem! First we list the ingredients that will be used for the realization of our DIY mask for dry skin:

- One tablespoon of liquid honey
- Two tablespoons of avocado
- A teaspoon of castor oil

Whisk well to the avocado and mix with honey and castor oil. When you’ve got a smooth paste, apply on the skin of your face and hold it in place for about twenty minutes. Remove everything with fresh water (not too cold, I recommend!) And helping with a sponge for the face.

The avocado, which has anti-wrinkle and nourishing properties, nourishes your skin, making it more supple and soft! Try it girls!