Easy To Make Freshwater Pearl Chain Bracelet

By on May 28, 2011

Yes, you can make this freshwater pearl chain bracelet now and wear it tonight for an evening at the club or a party. It is so simple! All you need is a  silver bracelet chain, a few silver headpins and some freshwater pearls.

65769 8 ST Easy To Make Freshwater Pearl Chain BraceletFollow the jewelry making instructions given below.


I have included instructions for making a bracelet chain but you can purchase a ready-made bracelet chain and skip the first 2 steps.

Jewelry Making Supplies for this Pearl Bracelet:

1. 7 inches long silver chain

2. 1 silver clasp

3. 2 jump rings

4. 12 headpins

5. 12 freshwater pearls

6. wire cutter

7. flat-nosed pliers

8. round-nosed pliers

Jewelry Making Instructions:

1. Attach the silver chain to the clasp with a jump ring.

2. Attach a jump ring to chain at half an inch from the other end of the chain.

3. Refer to the Basic Jewelry Making Techniques for attaching head pins to beads or
gemstones, prepare the fresh water pearls for attaching to the chain.
4. Attach the prepared pearls to the chain at interval on alternate side of the silver
5. Do this by lifting up the loop of the head pin, hook it to the chain and then pulling down the loop to close.
6. Attach the 12th pearl to the end of the chain so that when you wear the freshwater pearl chain bracelet, when you hook the clasp to the jump ring close to the end of the chain, there will be a short half inch chain dangling with a pearl at the end.
So isn’t that simple? You now have a freshwater pearl chain bracelet to wear for an evening out in town.