Egyptian interior design

By on October 6, 2011

Egyptian interior design

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Egyptian interior design

Egyptian interior design style is inherent in the use of painting. Egypt ornaments can be covered all surfaces of the walls of the room. Such designs may consist of simple geometric shapes, and may represent a certain life or mythological scenes. Decorations should be placed in a specific order, as they eventually must emerge in a single symbolic pattern. The room surprises with the symmetry and geometric, which were apparent at all, even in the design of frames in Egyptian interior style , inserts and decorated with strips of different colored stones or carved ornament.

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Furniture in Egyptian style used to settle the Egyptian interior, putting the same way in strict order, which further serves to emphasize the symmetry of the Egyptian interior. Furniture itself is amazing – she always made in the form of the human body. Legs of furniture decorated with carved images of female heads in Egyptian style. Armrests also carved from wood and its appearance resembled figurine cobra – a sacred being or a lion in Egyptian style .

Egyptian style can be used as a furniture cabinets and chests with hinged lids, it is better if they are executed manually. Placed in its proper place furniture in Egyptian interior in itself is a jewel, however, Egypt has taken to emphasize its beauty through the leaves and lotus flowers, collected bouquets of roses, vines, etc.

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Egyptian interior design

The interiors of the Egyptian style acceptable to use decorative elements to which you can consider a variety of statues, decorative vases, bowls, lamps, etc. In order to rank them actually create niches in the walls - this will help make the room much as possible similar to Egyptian homes.

Egyptian culture is inherent in the use of various essential oils and incense, which are stored in fancy glass bottles and vials. These vessels can be displayed in a prominent place, because their appearance is quite allows them to serve as decoration in Egyptian interior style.

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Egyptian interior design

Creating the Egyptian interior design, do not use a lot of furniture. It is best to leave the maximum amount of indoor space free, decorate it with inherent elements of Egyptian culture, to put on the floor, several large vases, and lay a mat of indoor space and can be considered the establishment of the Egyptian housing ended.

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