Elegance home decor in black

By on November 11, 2011

In terms of decor are many people who shun the absence of color. When the truth is that black is a shade quite adaptable, versatile and can be combined with a very high range of shades and endless designs.

Regularly is available mainly in terms of furniture or floor inclusive. The elegance that takes this tone is undeniable and therefore is the basis for many decorative styles, both modern and traditional.

decor black Elegance home decor in black

The rooms with touches of black are just great, especially if it is combined with white, cream or gray, contrasting colors so when we find a unique and original aesthetic beauty.

Rooms like the bathroom are quite striking if you put black accents. A sanitary ware or curtains in the same tone again provide a unique visual to any space. Of course, this will be that way if all the general decor of the house allows.

The room can be another point where the dark experiment. Sofas, curtains, paintings and rugs can go on that pitch while the remaining area may well be in another line.