Endless Garnet Necklace

By on May 28, 2011

I made this endless garnet necklace in a jewelry class some years back. It’s a piece of cheap jewelry using low grade garnets, red indian beads and fresh water pearls.

This piece of garnet jewelry is known as an endless necklace because there is no clasp as the necklace is long enough to be thrown over the head. The design is repeated all throughout the necklace so you won’t be able to see where it begins and ends. This is a very simple necklace, easy and quick to make. You can also wear it as a bracelet by wrapping it twice around your wrist.

garnet necklace 2s Endless Garnet Necklace

Jewelry Making Supplies:

1. 20 garnets
2. 20 fresh water pearls
3. 80 red indian beads
4. 40 gold plated spacers
5. flexible stringing needle
6. polyester thread
7. design board

Some Considerations for making this Endless Garnet Necklace :

1. The length for an endless necklace should be at least 24 inches long in order for you to thrown over your head easily as this necklace does not include a clasp.
2. The pattern for an endless necklace is always repetitive and has no mirror image. The beads should not be graduated – for example, you should not use bigger beads in front and graduating to smaller and smaller beads to the back.
3. You can create a longer necklace – length can be doubled or tripled, etc. to wrap round, twist or tie a knot, etc.
How to make :
1. Place your beads on the design board in the following order. 1 garnet – 1 spacer – 2 indian beads – 1 pearl – 2 indian beads – 1 spacer and repeat.
2. Thread needle.
3. Bring the two ends of the thread together and tie a slip knot leaving 7 inch tails.
4. Thread all the beads.
5. Check pattern and length. Make sure it’s at least 24 inches long. If too short add more beads and repeat the pattern to lengthen.
6. Take both ends of thread and tie a knot.
7. Dab a bit of clear nail polish on the knot then tie another knot to strengthen it.
8. Thread one end of thread with the needle and go back through at least 3 beads.
9. Tie another knot here and dab a bit of clear nail polish.
10. Cut off excess thread as close as possible to the drill hole of the bead.
11. Repeat step 8 to 10 for the other end of the thread.