Erinite Blue Crystal Earrings

By on September 7, 2011

erinite blue earrings Erinite Blue Crystal Earrings

Techniques for making this pair of earrings is the same as that of making the Pink Swarovski Crystal Earrings.

The only difference is the blue crystal beads used.

Jewelry Making Supplies:


erinite blue swarovski crys Erinite Blue Crystal Earrings

1. 2 pcs silver head pins

2. 2 pcs silver eye pins

3. 2 pcs 4mm Erinite Blue Round Swarovski Crystals

4. 2 pcs 6.6 x 6mm Colorless Swarovski Crystals Drops

5. 2 pcs ear hooks

6. round-nosed pliers

7. flat-nose pliers

8. wire cutters

Jewelry Making Instructions:

1. Put one Colorless Swarovski Crystal Drop into the head pin and make a loop at the other end of the pin. Repeat for the other bead and head-pin.

2. Put the Erinite Blue Swarovski Crystal round bead into the eye-pin and make a loop on the other end. Repeat for the other bead and eye-pin.

3. Lift up the loop of the colourless crystal drop with the flat-nosed pliers and insert the loop of the erinite blue round bead into it. Close back the loop.

4. Lift up the ear-hook loop and attach the assembled beads into the loop. Close back.

5. Repeat step 3 and 4 for the other side of the earrings.

Just like the Pink Swarovski Crystal Earrings, you can do this pair of Erinite Blue Crystal Earrings in less than 30 minutes.