Even Out Your Red Patchy Face

By on January 2, 2012

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Having white skin is a surefire reason you have those red spots on your face for they tend to show through more with your lighter skin. First advice is to stay away from anything that dilates blood vessels such as alcohol, spices and others. Look for products that contain natural extracts and stuff that has acids to sooth those prominent blood vessels and even your face’s skin tone. Use toners that balances and adjusts the face’s pH, thus calms it down relaxing the underlying blood vessels as they penetrate the skin. If all else doesn;t work, see your dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Botox on specific areas that have too much redness has been shown to reduce some of the redness by relaxing the blood vessels as well but for those who suffer from broken blood vessels (similar to varicose veins on your legs) some lazing may be in order to zap them to limbo freeing you from those ugly red spots you hide with tons of foundation and make-up.