Eye Makeup Techniques

By on November 10, 2011

eye makeup Eye Makeup Techniques

Your eyes are a barometer of your mood, a window into how you are feeling. Just one
look can show sadness, joy, pain, happiness, exhaustion or thoughtfulness. Your eye
color, whether blue, green, brown or shades in between, expresses thoughts which are not
always said. That is why, for women, eye makeup is an important part of their beauty
A beautifully made-up eye can enhance those come hither looks when you want to be
flirtatious. If you want to appear mysterious, eye makeup can help you achieve that look
as well. Expressing a mood and accentuating the eyes are among the most important
reasons why women take great pains to apply their eye makeup. When adorning the eyes,
you are talking about a variety of products that can be used. Eyebrow pencils, eye
shadow, eyeliner and mascara are a few of the main items that are used in a beauty
regiment. You can read on for some advice on eye makeup:

Eye Shadow
Just because eye shadows come in a palette of colors does not mean you have to go hog
wild in its application. If you go for too much color you will end up looking like Bozo
the Clown. The key is to choose neutral, understated colors first to get the hang of
applying the makeup. Make sure that the colors you do use complement each other.
Luckily, many eye shadows come in pre-made color palettes, so you don’t have to guess
which color will provide a base and which one will be a highlighted color along your
brow bone. Most eye shadows are in a compressed powder form and you use a foam
brush for application. There are some cream shadows however that glide effortlessly and
are easy to apply with either your fingertip or a small eye shadow brush. Eye shadow
pencils are also gaining popularity.

There are numerous options when it comes to eyeliner. There is liquid eyeliner that is
applied with a small brush. You need a gentle, steady hand to apply the eyeliner. There
are also eyeliner pencils that you have to sharpen periodically. This option more readily
defines your eyes and you have more control in its application. Some eyeliner pencils
come with a built-in sponge “smudgers” that can blend in your eyeliner for a smoky,
sultry look.

This is a product that many women say they cannot live without. Even if they don’t wear
any other makeup, they wear mascara because it has the power to “wake” up and
accentuate your eyes. If your lashes are pretty meager, mascara can plump them up and
make you appear to have more lashes than you really do. It is important that you dab the
excess mascara off the wand before applying, starting at the base, to ensure that it does
not clump. There are a variety of colors and formulas. You might consider waterproof
mascara if you have allergies or plan on doing any crying (like attending a wedding). It
won’t budge unless you wash it off.
To make your eyes really pop, there are a few tips you can try, like utilizing an eyelash
curler. Use your hair dryer to briefly heat it up, and then curl your lashes. Once your
lashes appear longer, with more curl, apply a mascara to set it. A lightly sculpted
eyebrow also works wonders for accentuating the eyes. Use an eyebrow brush to groom
the hairs, and then pluck any errant strands.
Clean lines and a light application of eyebrow pencil will help in your quest for pretty
Taking care of under your eyes is also part of the beauty regiment. If you have circles
under your eyes, you need to make sure that you get enough sleep at night and drink
plenty of water to stay hydrated. Also, sometimes, it is allergies that cause dark circles
under the eyes. You might have to resort to under eye concealer as camouflage.
Once you get the hang of applying eye makeup, don’t be afraid to experiment a little,
either with a colored eyeliner or mascara. Have a home spa makeover day with some
friends and play around with a casual, light daytime look or an evening party-girl look.
With a little experimentation, you could be ready for any event with a gorgeous pair of
eyes that really pop.