Eye Makeup Tips When Wearing Glasses

By on November 8, 2011

 Eye Makeup Tips When Wearing Glasses

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the correct glasses / spectacles for

· The thickness of the lens must be the same as that of the frame.
· The glass’s or spectacle’s frame must sit comfortable on your face.
· The frame must be functional and practical.
· The glasses must also be attractive and suit your face shape.

Face Shapes:

Round Face
· If you have a round face, then it is very important that you do not buy a round –
shaped frame, because your face will look more round.
· It is ideal to choose a square shaped frame – this will soften the roundness of your
· If your square shaped frame is multi – colored, then the darker color of the two
must be on the outside corners of the frame.
Square Shaped Face
· For a square shaped face, it is important not to buy a square or rounded framethis
will make your face look funny.
· The emphasis must be on your eyebrows, so the ideal shape will be an oval or
rectangular frame.

Heart Shaped Face
· Any frame can be worn for a heart-shaped face, except a tear dropped one.
Long Face
· If you have a long face, then the emphasis must be on the width of the frame on
the side. A big frame can be worn with ease.
Please note that the frame must never be underneath your eyebrows.


Feathery Hairstyle
· If you have a feathery hairstyle, then a plain frame will look suitable with that.

Formal Hairstyle
· With a formal hairstyle a striking frame can be worn.
Always remember that your frame’s color must suit the color of your hair.

Eye Shapes:

Wide Apart
· For eyes that are wide apart, wear an oval or rectangular frame.
Close to Each Other
· For eyes that are close to each other, it is important to wear a rounded shape. This
will give the impression that the eyes are not so close to each other.
Always ensure that your eyes are right in the middle of each lens.

Nose Shapes:

Long Nose
· If someone has a long nose, then the bridge of the glasses must sit low onto your
client’s nose. This will actually divide your nose in half and make it look shorter.

Short Nose
· If your client has a short nose, then the bridge of the glasses must be a bit higher.

Forehead Shapes:

High Forehead
· For a high forehead, ensure that the frame of the glasses sits just above your

Short Forehead
· For a short forehead, the frame of the glasses must sit onto your eyebrows.

How to do makeup for someone that is far-seeing / long – sighted:
· Such a person can see very well on far distances, but not on short distances.
· The lenses of these glasses are normally very thick and this will make the eyes
appear bigger. It is thus very important to apply your make-up very neatly
because every fault, etc. will show through your lenses.
· Use light make-up eye shadows, not any shimmering make-up, black eyeliner or
black mascara. Keep it subtle by using rather brown mascara and remember to put
the eye shadow color in the crease of your eye, following your eye’s shape.
How to apply makeup for someone that is short-sighted / near – sighted:
· Such a person can see very well on short distances, but not so good on far
· The lenses of the glasses will not be thick at all and this will make the eyes
appear smaller.
· Use stronger colors such as charcoal, dove-blue, plum, etc. and remember that the
emphasis must fall on the fold of your eyes and the outer corners of your eyes.
· You can use a shimmering color over your existing eye shadow just to accentuate
your eyes.
· Finish it off by applying black eyeliner and mascara.